April Newsletter: The process is more important than the price!

I am going to let you in on a little secret….. 

The process of selling a home is far more important than the price you list it for. Let me explain what this means. The process a listing agent takes a seller through to get the house prepared for the market and the marketing plan will deliver better results for the seller than listing it high and hoping you get some offers. Anyone can stick a 

sign in the yard and enter your home’s information into the MLS. It is the home preparation, the upfront marketing, and the process your agent takes you through that is going to make the difference and 

maximize your equity. If the process is successfully executed up front you will squeeze every possible dollar out of the sale of your home 

and, more importantly; receive offers with the terms you desire. 

What is a world-class selling process? It is proper home preparation. It is professional photography and extensive internet marketing. It is a scheduled day to hit the market strategically chosen to maximize 

traffic. It is taking all the guesswork out of the decision making for the buyer by providing them answers to questions they didn’t even ask yet. It also includes coaching and guiding the buyer’s agent on the seller’s needs and wants in an offer, so the seller gets exactly what 

they want. All of this is done, with the least amount of hassle to the seller. 

The hard truth is: in this market, agents don’t know the price a home will sell for, nor do appraisers or consumers. Yes, we will need to 

determine a price to put into the MLS, but this is a strategic 

launching price. If we maximize on my proven process, you can rest assured that you will get every dollar out of your home possible, 

which is at the core of Team Trimble’s values- delivering results and service above your expectations

I look forward to working with you or your referrals in the future! 

Zachary Trimble 



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